May 29, 2024

9 Ways to Support Refugees

Thank you to FLEE discussion participant Nancy Bermon for the following list of nine things you can do to support refugees:

  1. The number one thing we need help with is finding safe affordable housing in Rockland County. If you have a lead please contact Nancy Bermon.
  2. Sign up for updates and actions on the HIAS website:
  3. Advocate for Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act, which will give a path to permanent status to the thousands of Afghans who were abruptly evacuated in August. This group was brought to the US as parolees, without going through the state department’s refugee vetting process. This is an emergency humanitarian status. Most Afghan parolees worked with the US government in Afghanistan.
  4. Advocate for President Biden to increase the refugee cap, the number of refugees we accept each year.
  5. Make a financial contribution to HIAS or another refugee resettlement organization.
  6. Form a group to help resettle a refugee family. This can be a nonprofit organization or a group of 10-15 individuals who form a welcome circle.
  7. Work to demilitarize our nation and our foreign policy and prevent war; to restore our earth and prevent climate catastrophe; to develop more justice and equitability at home and abroad to prevent persecution; so fewer people will need to flee to find refuge.
  8. There is also much you can do to support immigrants and asylum seekers right here in Rockland County. Here are three of many organizations you can get involved with.
    * Proyecto Faro-immigrant led mutual aid and advocacy organization:
    * Konbit Neg Lakay-mutual aid and advocacy organization.
    * East Ramapo Central School District (ERCSD)- show up at school board meetings to oppose inequitable and oppressive education of Latinx and Black students and support ERCSD families.
  9. Those who attended Rivertown Film’s screening of Flee have already done something meaningful. Please educate your communities about the global refugee crisis.