December 6, 2023


Showing: Anytime
Title: Bringing Films To You
Year: 2020


Stay Inspired and Artists From The Archive


What inspires you? Check out how local artists answered that question
at our 6th Annual Inspired! in February, and Stay Inspired!

The latest excerpts from Stay Inspired! are Musician and Educator,
Andy Krikun (above), and Actor and Comedian, Dana DiTrani (below),
followed by Psychotherapist and Poet/Photographer, Kenneth Silvestri.

Every few days watch for new posts with:

Cristina Biaggi, sculptor
Dana DiTrani, actress and comedian (online now)
Janet Hamlin, scenic painter and illustrator
Andy Krikun, musician and educator (online now)
Debbie Krikun, interactive artist and educator
Conor Ari MacFinn, animator and filmmaker
Visakhi Miriyapalli, dancer and choreographer
Bea Pohl, playright (online now)
Juliana Roth, writer and filmmaker
Lauren Rudolph, portrait painter (online now)

Ken Silvestri, psychotherapist, poet/photographer (online now)
Rodger Stevens, sculptor
Travis Stever, rock musician
Rebeca To’mas, flamenco dancer and choreographer
Kellie Walsh, photographer
Gemini Watanabe, interior designer

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the hashtags #StayInspired2020 and



Looking further into creative process, we’ve gone into our
Meet the Filmmaker collection to bring you Artists From the Archive.


Our most recent visit to the archive is with Ben Richardson,
cinematographer on Beasts of the Southern Wild. Above is a short
preview, and the full interview is now available on YouTube.

Below is an excerpt of indie film icon John Sayles discussing
Go For Sisters. The full video is on YouTube.

We’ll be releasing new excerpts from the archive every Wednesday
at 8:00 PM, on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Look for #RivertownFilmOnline, #ArtistsFromTheArchive.