March 3, 2024


Showing: Wednesday, January 11 – 8:00 PM
Title: A Force of Nature
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: ,

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Meet the Filmmakers: Producer/Director Barbara Kopple (two-time Oscar winner), Ellen Ratner and Ker Deng (subject of film and a participant from Sudan, respectively) and Producer Suzanne Mitchell.

An inspiring portrait of journalist (Talk Radio News Service and Fox News) and philanthropist Ellen Ratner, following her travels from Washington, DC, to hurricane-ravaged Mississippi to war-torn Sudan. The post-film discussion promises to continue what the film begins: a lesson in how to make a difference and help others do the same.

USA, 2011, 47 minutes, documentary
Community Partner: Rockland Chapter of NOW

“. . .a charming miniature, a look at syndicated radio commentator Ellen Ratner, one of the rare liberal voices on talk radio. She is a playful, witty, slightly goofy presence, well liked by even her most strident opponents (Michelle Bachmann loves her). . . . A Kopple film is usually a master class in nonfiction filmmaking, and this one is no exception.”—George Robinson, The Jewish Week