May 29, 2024


Showing: Streaming continuously 3/17 through 3/26
Title: A New York Story
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Genre: ,,
Actors: ,,,

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In the tumultuous summer of 2020, four entwined New Yorkers tell stories of how their lives have been shaped by the protests, the pandemic, and the unforeseen consequences of both. USA, 2021, 49 minutes

“The events of 2020, in particular the explosive summer, had a profound affect on me. The pandemic, the protests, the sense of total political schism in American society…I began to see were all things I needed to address creatively, and I needed to do it in a way that minimized the risk of infection for all involved. So I came up with the idea of telling a linear story, divided into four monologues for four different characters. Each character has a very specific agenda and point of view, but the stories they tell are only fragments of what the audience comes to see by the end of the film as a whole. I decided I would shoot each actor individually, on separate days. By making the film this way, limiting the crew to exactly one person (me), and following strict Covid protocols, I could realize this story and also protect my colleagues.” – Paul Schwartz

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“Schwartz reminds us that we are all connected one way or another and that no one is unaffected by the turmoil surrounding us today.” – UniversalCinema

About Paul Schwartz

Paul Schwartz is a writer, director and composer. His work is in the field of dramatic story-telling in all its forms, and encompasses projects in film, theatre, opera and dance. His latest film THE SEASONS has pulled in 35 awards in its first three months of its release to the festival circuit.  Other recent films include the award-winning TIME CAN BREAK YOUR HEART and A NEW YORK STORY.  He is currently at work on his next film: SHADOWS AND LIGHT, which will begin shooting early in 2023.

Also active as a playwright, his play A MEASURE OF DOUBT was a standout hit at the 2020 New York Winter Festival of Plays. Other recent projects include A DATE and THE SIENA QUARTET, performed as part of the Actors’ Studio Kazan Festivals of June 2013 and 2014. Other plays in development at the Studio include BRILLIANCE and AWAKE AGAIN.

As a record producer Mr. Schwartz has sold over 750,000 of his own records world-wide, and many millions more through his collaborations: notably with Josh Groban, Carlos Santana and David Foster. He is the creator of two popular series of cds: the ARIA series, and the STATE OF GRACE series. Mr. Schwartz has composed ballet scores for New York City Ballet (twice), Milwaukee Ballet, Ohio Ballet and The Royal Ballet, as well as two operas, ORPHEUS ’68 and SNEHVIDE (Snow White). He has conducted for NYCB and Ballet Rambert, as well as serving as the musical director of several Broadway shows, including PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, SONG AND DANCE, and ON YOUR TOES.