June 25, 2024

INSPIRED! 2022: The Recording

Showing: Streaming from June 10 through June 20
Title: INSPIRED! 2022: The Recording
Year: 2022
Country: USA

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A free streaming. For the very first time, Rivertown Film is exhibiting a recording of our signature fundraising event, the widely acclaimed Inspired! We are making it available for FREE, thanks to the agreement of the participants, as a thank you to our community for supporting us for twenty years. Inspired! is about artists in Rockland County and what inspires them to create. There are as many answers to that question as there are people in the world, and they can be as different as anything that can be imagined. They can surprise you, and they will definitely inspire you.

On April 8, 2022, fourteen local artists in varied disciplines shared the sources of their inspiration, each using ten slides and twenty seconds per slide to explain them. Watching this quickly-paced night of introspection, thoughtfulness, and creativity is a unique way to get to know these interesting local artists and their art, be entertained, learn something about the artistic process, and meet our Rockland County neighbors. Registration is required, but the streaming is completely free. A donation to help cover the cost of streaming is appreciated but not required.


The participants in our 2022 Inspired! are:
J. Faith Almiron aka. Kapwa: Our MC is a cultural critic, educator, and organizer.

Myles Aronowitz: Photographer
Peter Cheney: Painter, Sculptor, Performance Artist
Ian Denney: Comic Illustrator and Animator
Alex Francisco: Entertainer / Storyteller / Visual Artist / Stylist
Andy Golub: Painter
Rita Harvey: Singer / Actress
Anita Kopacz: Bestselling Author and Storyteller
Amy Lehman: Singer / Dancer / Choreographer / Restaurateur
Lisa Levart: Photographer
Laurie Peek: Photographer
Craig Smith: Actor, Co-founder and Head of the Phoenix Theater Ensemble
Chris Soria: Visual Artist
Kal Toth: Filmmaker
Norvin Van Dunk: Rapper / Producer / Set Dresser

Watch INSPIRED! 2022 on our new Rivertown Film Virtual Theater on Eventive. Viewing is free, but you must register to receive the link. If you have already used Eventive and have a password, please continue to use it. If you can’t remember your password, use the “reset password” function and create a new one, then write it down for future use! When you purchase your ticket you will have 4 days to “unlock” your viewing once the film is available on June 10 (you’ll receive a reminder email). When you unlock the film, you will have 3 days to watch it. If you have any problems, you can use the “Need Help?” link at the top of the page, which connects to a live chat that offers knowledgeable assistance.  For information on viewing on a variety of devises or if you would like to connect your devise to a smart TV with Cromecast, AirPlay, Apple TV apps, Roku, or with an HDMI cable, you’ll find instructions (and other information) on this FAQ page. And if you are worried that your devise will be incompatible with this platform and that confirmation emails won’t go to your spam folder, test it out HERE.