March 31, 2023


Showing: November 17, 8:00PM
Title: Little Girl
Year: 2020
Country: France

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7-year-old Sasha has always known she was a little girl. As society fails to treat her like other children her age–in her daily life at school, dance lessons or birthday parties–her supportive family leads a constant battle to make her difference understood and accepted. Her mother and father have recently accepted her gender identity, embracing their daughter for who she truly is while working to confront outdated norms and find affirmation in a small community in rural France. Realized with delicacy and intimacy, Sebastien Lifshitz’s documentary poetically explores the emotional challenges, everyday feats, and small moments in Sasha’s life. Little Girl is the moving portrait. 2020, France, 90 minutes, documentary. Proof of vaccination, ID, and masks are required.


Q&A with Pride Center Executive Director, Brooke Malloy and Director of Health & Wellness, Loren Klein.


Community Partner: Phyllis B. Frank Pride Center of Rockland County






“One could easily mistake “Little Girl” for a fictional drama that tends toward observation and realism. Lifshitz follows Sasha and her family over the course of roughly a year, homing in on her mannerisms and means of play with naturalistic camerawork that heightens the idyllic splendor of rural France, while framing her home life as a kind of safe haven away from the cruelties of the outside world. Beautiful as it may be, the French countryside remains a stronghold of rigidly traditional values.” Critic’s Pick! – The New York Times

“A very illuminating, trans-positive work.” – The Guardian

“Little girl, big documentary” – The Hollywood Reporter

​​“An immersive, experiential film…an extraordinary work of portraiture, which, like classical portraiture, is both the reflection of an individual and of her place in the times.” – The New Yorker