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Showing: Wednesday, November 14 – 8:00 at the Nyack Center
Year: 2011
Country: Canada
Genre: ,
Actors: ,,

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The public suicide of their teacher traumatizes a class of sixth graders in Montreal. Soon after, a new teacher arrives: Monsieur Lazhar, an Algerian immigrant, who quickly earns their trust and affection. Lazhar harbors painful secrets which enable him to empathize with the residual shock and pain his students endure. Unable to follow the school’s particular rules he nonetheless guides the students towards healing with his bravery, common sense, and tact. 2011, Canada, 94 minutes, rated PG-13

Nominated for “Best Foreign Language Film” Academy Award, 2011

“Monsieur Lazhar resembles a clear, clean glass of water: transparent, utterly devoid of gratuitous flavorings or frou-frou, and all the more bracing and essential for it.”  – Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

“Fellag does for the film what his Lazhar does for the pupils: He’s soothing and entrancingly enigmatic enough to keep us fixed to our seats.” – Eric Hynes, Time Out New York

“Like no other film about middle school life that I can recall Monsieur Lazhar conveys the intensity and the fragility of these classroom bonds and the mutual trust they require.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times