July 19, 2024

Movie Music History: Great Composers and Directors with Elliott Forrest, presented by ArtsRock and Rivertown Film

Showing: January 25, 7:00 PM
Title: Movie Music History: Great Composer and Directors with Elliott Forrest
Year: 2020

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The history of music for the movies not only includes some of the world’s great composers but it also features iconic collaborations between composers and directors. Think of Bernard Hermann and Alfred Hitchcock, John Williams and Steven Spielberg, and Federico Fellini and Nito Rota, composer/director teams who created soundtracks that helped define their eras.

You may know Elliott Forrest as a Peabody Award-winning broadcaster, WQXR classical music host, and ArtsRock executive director, but he was also the host of the weekday radio staple, The Score at Four, inspired by his love of the movies and dedicated to the art of film scores. Tonight he distills this passion into a lively and entertaining evening of film history, film clips from iconic composer/director collaborations, and unusual surprises that will open your eyes to the unique art form of composing music for movies.

Saturday, January 25 at 7:00 PM, at the Nyack Center. Purchase tickets here.

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A  collaboration between ArtsRock and Rivertown Film.