March 2, 2024

Rockland in Motion 2021

Showing: streaming from 9/17
Title: Rockland in Motion
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Genre: ,

Filmmakers have been living and working in Rockland County since early in the silent era, some providing their talents to the commercial film and television industries, others working independently, and many doing both. Some see themselves as artists, often working in disciplines such as visual art, photography, dance, or poetry, as well as film. Others see film as an extension of journalism. And many have focused on specific skills that earn them a living within the film industry, such as directing, producing, cinematography, editing, and designing. Rockland in Motion reminds us that a wide range of filmmakers live and work in our communities, that they contribute to local culture and commerce, and that making and understanding visual media is an important part of a good education.

The line-up in Rockland in Motion includes veteran filmmakers alongside first time and early career filmmakers. They are sharing their work in a variety of genres including music video, drama, comedy, and documentary, and like last year, quite a few incorporate dance, a form of art that, like film, is an art of movement.

Rockland in Motion 2021
Films and Filmmakers

A Time of Two Joys (8:52, fiction), by Anonymous
Mike Mitch – Dear Manager (3:54, music), by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
Rockland Pride 2021 (4:09, documentary), by Elliott Forrest
Welcome to Forever (9:09, fiction), by John Gray
3 Conversations in April (12:00, documentary), by Susan Hamovitch
Skye’s Dance (14:50, fiction), by Samuel Harps
Deceipt (2:30, fiction), by Josh Atesh Litle
Ariel (Proof of Concept) (1:41, animation), by Conor Macfinn
See Me (6:56, dance), by Katherine Matheson
Wait a Minute (3:38, dance), by Marta Renzi
Self Made Man (1:24, animation), by Juliana Roth
Wisteria (6:46, dance), by Lucas Ruderman
The Pratt in the Hatt (15:00, documentary), by Susan Hito Shapiro
Burn Down Babylon (7:33, music), by Machan Taylor, Roger Grange, Vera Aronow
Duane Eubanks (2:53, documentary), by Kal Toth
Meow Meow: A Deadbeat Laments (2:47, music), by Kathryn Valentina
Moon Nymph (7:38, fiction), by Frank Vitale
The Elders Have Fallen (1:16, poetry), by Marta Renzi and Dan Wolff

Rockland in Motion will be broken into two parts.

Program 1: September 17 through September 26. On September 22 there will be a Zoom discussion with the fimmakers.
The moderator for the discussion will be 2020 Summer Olympics athlete Charlotte Buck.

Program 2: September 23 through October 3. On September 29 there will be a Zoom discussion with the filmmakers.
The moderator for the discussion will be educator, organizer, and writer J. Faith Almiron, aka. Kapwa

Most films are preceded by an introduction by the filmmaker.