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Showing: Wednesday, June 26 ­– 8:00 PM
Year: 2012
Country: Canada
Genre: ,
Actors: ,

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warwitchWebAfter their African village has been decimated and their parents slain, the children are kidnapped, conscripted into a rebel army, and trained to be soldiers under a warlord known as “The Great Tiger.” The story unfolds as a magical realistic fable, narrated by girl named Komona, who is 12 when the story begins and 14 when it concludes. Komona is pregnant, the result of a rape. The film reveals the world through her eyes, and is never voyeuristic or condescending. 2012, Canada, 90 minutes, unrated

Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Film

“Given that the subject matter is two violent years in the life of an African child soldier, it’s not surprising that the film’s events are disturbing and even horrific. But it’s the unforeseen way they’re told that makes “War Witch” potent enough to have been one of the five nominees for the foreign language Oscar and the big winner, including best picture, at Canada’s recent film awards.” – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

NY Times “Critic’s Pick.” “Superstition, witchcraft, exorcism, talismans that ward off evil: in this land of the supernatural, irrationality prevails. But “War Witch” is so clear-eyed that it makes you wonder how much more irrational this world is than the so-called civilized one under its camouflage of material wealth.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“Feels startlingly real and inherently relevant, a shining, sterling example of cinema at its most powerful and urgent.” – Mike Scott, New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Nguyen’s matter-of-fact storytelling proves to be the right match for a life of extraordinary suffering. In art, lives like Komona’s are all too often given an alien sheen. Here, they feel unnervingly plausible.” – Zachary Wigon, Village Voice