March 3, 2024

Movies with Mystery

SHADES OF GRAY: An Evening of Short Films by John Gray

A seventy-minute compilation of supernatural mysteries and psychological puzzles that includes two dramas, a comedy, a spy thriller, a science fiction short, and a horror film, all by local resident John Gray. It is doubtful that anyone in our county has more experience writing and directing … [Read more...]

Hopper Happens Presents Backyard Cinema: Days of Heaven, Rear Window, Night of the Hunter

FREE! Bring a blanket and a late night picnic to the Edward Hopper House Art Center's backyard for a series of classic films that tip their hat to Hopper. All shows at 8:30 PM. August 10, Days of Heaven; August 17, Rear Window; August 31, Night of the Hunter. Cosponsored by Edward Hopper House Art … [Read more...]

Winter’s Bone

One of the year’s most critically acclaimed films, this riveting crime thriller follows 17-year-old Ree’s quest to find her father, a convicted methamphetamine dealer who disappeared after posting the family homestead for bail. If she fails, her impoverished family will be turned out into the Ozark … [Read more...]

I’ve Loved You So Long

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Let the Right One In

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Tell No One

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My Kid Could Paint That

Presented by Artwalk Sponsored by Rivertown Film & Riverspace … [Read more...]

Pan’s Labyrinth

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Silver City

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