March 23, 2023

“A Place at the Table” in a Journal News Editorial, 6/11/13

Hunger, obesity discussion must continue [read more] … [Read more...]

“A Place at the Table” in the Journal News, 6/11/13

Directors of the documentary "A Place at the Table" appear at Rivertown Film (Journal News) ... [Read more...] … [Read more...]

Kitchen Tour Follow-Up in Rockland County Times 6/21/1

The Second Annual Rivertown Film Kitchen Tour Inspires Many (read more) … [Read more...]

Kitchen Tour Follow-up in the Journal News, 6/14/12

From a 'Small Wonder' to a major rehab, two spaces that wow (read more) … [Read more...]

2012 Kitchen Tour in June Rivertown Magazine

Fabulous kitchen tour raises $$$ for Rivertown Film. [read the article] … [Read more...]

Kitchen Tour Fundraiser in Journal News, 6/5/12

The kitchens on the tour feature a full range of budgets, sizes and styles. [read the two page story, and view the photo gallery] … [Read more...]

Kitchen Tour in Nyack News & Views, 5/31/12

On Sat June 9, you can tour of a few local kitchens that warm the hearts of all who enter in a special event to benefit Rivertown Film...  [read more] … [Read more...]

Journal News, February 20, 2012

Documentary about interracial marriage to play in Nyack   … [Read more...]

“Abbie” review: Rockland County Times, 2/1/12

Abbie Hoffman’s Radical Ideas Principally Spoken, By Carolyn Johnson   … [Read more...]

Journal News, Tuesday, January 24

John Sayles Gets the Word Out For His New Movie, "Amigo" … [Read more...]